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  BaW Sean DOB 12-03-2013 NHSB: G-2-2916056 ISDS: 00/325469 DNA CEA/CH: normal by parentage DNA TNS: normal DNA IGS: carrier DNA profiel Oogtest: 09-2014 vrij heupen: A Exterieur NL: Goed   BaW Zac DOB 22-02-2014 NHSB:G-2-2955251 ISDS: NL/330800 DNA CEA: normal DNA TNS: normal DNA IGS: normal DNA profiel Oogtest: 04-2015  vrij heupen: A Exterieur NL: Goed[…]


For Sale: Glen ISDS 00/324384/ NHSB: 2962412 Open class sheepdog for sale. Glen is a strong dog, good outrunner, fast and good listener. Glen was already quallifyed for the CSC 2015 in Italy. He is a young dog with good experience and future. He’s a good shedder. Glen is a dog with good temperament. Nice[…]